Sikanie association have as main goals the promotion and development of various forms of youth associations, with the aim of instilling in young people a sense of solidarity and tolerance,  to promote mobility within and across eu borders, dialogue and integration between young people of different geographical origin in the spirit of intercultural, solidarity , cooperation and mutual respect.
Our mission and vision
Sikanie association also promote all forms of youth creativity for a  greater social role of young people and to enhance their knowledge, skills and abilities through their active participation in training activities , training courses and advanced courses, exchanges with other associations with similar objectives, in italy and abroad , cultural events, recreational and social activities, promotion of tourism as a form of enrichment of knowledge between people and the areas in which they live,  twinning and all forms of responsible tourism.
Our target groups
There’re no age limits for our member but we have a special  attention for young people aged 15\30. 
Youth exchange , twinning and mobility in  general within and across borders eu to;
cultural activities: conferences, seminars, concerts, exhibitions;Recreational activities: theater and musical entertainments, films and documentaries,
training activities: study groups and research, training courses and advanced courses, promotion exchanges with other associations with similar objectives, promotion of educational and training activities also for disadvantaged youngsters;
Sports activities: promotion of sports activities , dissemination of sport aimed at improving lifestyles  and social relations and aggregation;
Activities of protection and enhancement of historic, artistic, architectural, environmental, landscape, cultural and natural heritage and also of local traditions as development and tourism promotion;
Activities and services to defense and support those who are victims of loneliness, The main activities of the association so far have been carried out cultural activities, recreational, educational activities, sports and editorials as well as the realization of projects on art and the use of recycled materials for urban art installations funded by the province of Messina.
Our main activities
The experience gained so far by the sikanie under the youth in action, can be summarized in participation, as partners, the following projects:

  • 4.3. “Evs for all “- Spagna.
  • 4.3. “Young entrepreneur – ideas for business”-  Slovenia.
  • 4.3.” Funemployed”- Polonia
  • 4.3. “H.e.r.m.e.s 2010” on  gender issues –Francia.
  • 1.3. “History of parliament” –Italia e Romania.
  • 1.1.“Let’s discover together” – Bulgaria.
  • 1.3.”Identifyind and promoting youth democracy”- Spain.
  • 1.1.”Safebook for facebook” – Romania.
  • 4.3. “M3- marketing ,managmente and money for ngo” - Ddenmark.
  • 1.1. “Go go gadget!”-Portugal.
  • 1.3. “Youth participation in european democracy” – Portugal.
  • 4.3 “Removing the barriers in front of the youth employment - Turkey.
  • 4.3.“Sssting! -stimulating sustainable social initiatives by and for youth in less privileged areas “ - Austria.
  • 1.1. “Puzzle but not razzle dazzle” - Turkey.
  • 4.3. “Being a volunteer” - Greece.
  • 3.3. “Estrategias de optimización para la información juvenil” - Spain.
  • 4.3 "Youth associations"  - Portugal.
  • 4.3. “Grow 2020” – Armenia.
  • 1.1.” Mon corps, carcan de l'âme ou terrain de (je)ux?” - France.

Our main partners
Local pubblic administrations and similar associations.
Our structure
We have a permanent staff of 4 people, 20 members and occasional volunteers. 
Type of international co-operation projects we offer or  we are looking for:
We would like to have international cooperation in any type of  projects about any different themes, social inclusion, environment, nature, sports, art, culture, youth unemployment, EVS and inclusion people with few opportunities , european issues